Benefits of High Rise Living

The choice that you will have when finding a place to live in is primarily influenced by the kind of lifestyle that you live. Family persons who have a big family to accommodate opt for a single family residence with multiple bedrooms and other areas in the house to cater to their quantity. Most of these homeowners prefer a laid back life in the country or suburban areas. On the other hand, if you are used to living the city life with all the ostentatious lifestyle and preferences, then you are a good candidate for high-rise living.

High rise living as its name implies refer to tall infrastructures and buildings which are becoming common trends for contemporary homes. Condominiums are concrete examples of high-rise dwelling places where your units are situated in tall buildings and real estate developments.

Alex Abossein shared five of the most common benefits that high-rise residents enjoy and explore as part of their choices.




Almost all high-rise condominiums and residences are located in the heart of the metropolis with all the accessibilities guaranteed. You get to live in close proximity to important establishments like schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and workplaces. This will surely save you travel expenses as well as the time you spend in commuting to wherever you wish to go. Some are even enjoying the leisure of just walking to their destinations since it often takes them just a five-minute walk.



Modern day professionals have less luxury time to put on domestic issues and concerns such as plumbing systems and other forms of home maintenance. If you are always on the go and you do not have time to allot to these issues, high rise living is your cup of tea. This is because you only need to pay your monthly membership fee and all your maintenance concerns will be addressed accordingly by the building administration and personnel.


There are common facilities and recreational amenities that you can freely access anytime such as gyms, swimming pools, indoor tennis courts and the like. You also get to enjoy using the elevator and other integral parts of the building you live in.


Condominium buildings are equipped with security devices and gadgets to ensure the safety of all its residents. Furthermore, there is a round the clock security service that makes sure everything and everyone is in order and far from any danger, burglary, intrusion and other forms of crimes.

Scenic views

Most high rise buildings are strategically located in the heart of the city where you can look at all the nice and enticing views around you. If you have a good spot in the building you are living in, you are sure to enjoy the views around you during the day as well as in the night time.

If you opt for high rise living, then you need to brace yourself for a costlier kind of lifestyle. The strong point it imposes, however, are the many benefits and advantages you are going to get.

In general, buildings over 75 feet in height require special life safety provisions. Abossein Engineering specializes in high-rise life safety consulting such as:

  • Emergency generator power back-up
  • Firewater, storage tanks, and pumping systems
  • Elevators, stairs and space pressurization
  • Smoke evacuation and management

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