Benefits of High Rise Living

The choice that you will have when finding a place to live in is primarily influenced by the kind of lifestyle that you live. Family persons who have a big family to accommodate opt for a single family residence with multiple bedrooms and other areas in the house to cater to their quantity. Most of these homeowners prefer a laid back life in the country or suburban areas. On the other hand, if you are used to living the city life with all the ostentatious lifestyle and preferences, then you are a good candidate for high-rise living.

High rise living as its name implies refer to tall infrastructures and buildings which are becoming common trends for contemporary homes. Condominiums are concrete examples of high-rise dwelling places where your units are situated in tall buildings and real estate developments.

Alex Abossein shared five of the most common benefits that high-rise residents enjoy and explore as part of their choices.




Almost all high-rise condominiums and residences are located in the heart of the metropolis with all the accessibilities guaranteed. You get to live in close proximity to important establishments like schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and workplaces. This will surely save you travel expenses as well as the time you spend in commuting to wherever you wish to go. Some are even enjoying the leisure of just walking to their destinations since it often takes them just a five-minute walk.



Modern day professionals have less luxury time to put on domestic issues and concerns such as plumbing systems and other forms of home maintenance. If you are always on the go and you do not have time to allot to these issues, high rise living is your cup of tea. This is because you only need to pay your monthly membership fee and all your maintenance concerns will be addressed accordingly by the building administration and personnel.


There are common facilities and recreational amenities that you can freely access anytime such as gyms, swimming pools, indoor tennis courts and the like. You also get to enjoy using the elevator and other integral parts of the building you live in.


Condominium buildings are equipped with security devices and gadgets to ensure the safety of all its residents. Furthermore, there is a round the clock security service that makes sure everything and everyone is in order and far from any danger, burglary, intrusion and other forms of crimes.

Scenic views

Most high rise buildings are strategically located in the heart of the city where you can look at all the nice and enticing views around you. If you have a good spot in the building you are living in, you are sure to enjoy the views around you during the day as well as in the night time.

If you opt for high rise living, then you need to brace yourself for a costlier kind of lifestyle. The strong point it imposes, however, are the many benefits and advantages you are going to get.

In general, buildings over 75 feet in height require special life safety provisions. Abossein Engineering specializes in high-rise life safety consulting such as:

  • Emergency generator power back-up
  • Firewater, storage tanks, and pumping systems
  • Elevators, stairs and space pressurization
  • Smoke evacuation and management

Tips on Getting Good Plumbing Supplies

Are you building a new home and are exploring ways to get that misshapen gas cylinder out of your kitchen? Are you renovating your kitchenette and need that extra space which is normally occupied by those huge gas canisters? Well, it's time you opted for piped gas. Not only does it create more room, it also makes your work area look neat and pleasant. If you are a builder, you may want to purchase such LPG gas pipe fittings and the best way to do so is by placing orders at popular gas equipment stores. If have an independent home, you can still store LPG gas tank in your own backyard. Alex Abossein shared tips to get you started on the right track.

Plumbing Supplies

Top Tips on Purchasing Supplies

Normally, liquefied propane gas is contained in pressurized tanks and this itself poses a great safety hazard. This is mainly why high-rise buildings create exceptional tanks in safe locations and offer piped gas connections from there. Where plumbing supplies are concerned, the rule of thumb is safety first. Compromising on quality may lead to life-impairing consequences. Before you begin purchasing any gas pipe fittings, find out the distance from the tank to the location of the appliance. Determine the nature of required plumbing, if you want it through the interior side of the wall or underground. Check the number of turns or bends through the length of the line so that you can calculate the number of joints that need to be purchased.
Guidelines for Installation

Follow all the safety measures that are mentioned by the manufacturer as mistakes can be costly. Always turn off your regulator and keep your stove unplugged. Be sure to test the entire line for any gas leaks. Use full proof plumbing procedures for easy maintenance and repair. Now, you can buy LPG gas pipe fittings of the highest quality via the internet.
Buy Plumbing Supplies Online

With a myriad of choices, you are bound to get confused. That's why it's important to write down your requirements and stick by them. Most gas stoves always mention the gas required in British thermal units. In case you have all your plumbing supplies in place and still smell gas in the kitchen or in the building notify the security and other occupants within the building. It's also good to call up the emergency repair services at once. Abossein Engineering is the best plumbing service provider, At Abossein, we listen. Your priorities are important to us. The staff at Abossein is readily available for discussion, even mid-process. Abossein staff can always be counted on to be sharp and competent, but also client friendly. At Abossein, what is in your best interest is ultimately in our best interest.

 We are devoted to keeping our staff up on the latest technology, and industry trends, studying them enough to know exactly what will bring a return on investment.

Role of Civil Engineer in Civil Constructions Project

Civil engineering entails a Wide Variety of Tasks and Applications

Civil Construction regularly involves the design, building and keeping up of large physical structures that incorporate bridges, streets, buildings and even dams. As a rule, you would need to employ a civil engineer to direct the entire project from start to finish. According to Alex Abossein, a leading engineering company owner, every period of the project is per-calculated and laid out as per a strict calendar by the engineer.

A standout among-st the most vital parts of running a project of that size is thinking about the expenses. Knowing and understanding your general expenses is the thing that will help you oversee and plan out your progress as indicated by the funds accessible. The explanation behind that is fundamentally on the grounds that overspending can wind up stopping the project and incomplete.

Constructions Project

According to Alex Abossein, when you go into a contract agreement with a construction company and you require particular services to be satisfied, you then need to ensure that those services are indicated in your agreement. Payment terms should also be talked about and laid out in the fine print of the agreement. Once the project guidelines have been determined, every task is then assigned to a particular party that is in charge of that job. They are allocated assets and get trained when and where to start working.

Everything from Concrete Work to Road Construction

The solid work that goes into the development of a major highway, where bridges and exit ramps must be built in order to get overpasses or turn off to get to intended destinations. Road construction, by and large, is a significant included process once you consider the logics of everything. The greater part of your materials need to arrive on time and you also require enough individuals to handle the workload.

Skilled labor is dependable hard to come by and when you employ a contractual worker to handle the job, you should ensure they are utilizing a workforce with experienced hands. Every project will regularly have its own extraordinary elements that either displays an opportunity or test for the engineering group to take advantage, or overcome over the span of the project.

According to Alex Abossein, The right firm to pick would also have your safety concerns covered and all vital precautionary measure has been taken. Minimum security standards should be met at all times all through the whole project. The foreman on location is regularly in charge of the safety of all the workforce at work. A decent foreman comprehends the significance of a due date and can discuss well with his fellow associates.

It's Often About Manpower and Managing It Well

Taking care of large-scale projects that require a ton of labor and plenty working hours taking care of project on time, is something to be figured with and if you don't plan and deal with every last bit of it effectively, you could wind up with a wide range of issues. A civil engineer will have the capacity to calculate precisely what the number of people can deal with a job anytime within the project.

The cost of using the number of individuals required for the job, the cost for all the important materials and in addition their timing for delivery; Each and every assignment is worked out and figured according to the budget plan, to guarantee that the costs are managed effectively. The ability to deal with the number of individuals required amid a given day will help in decreasing the cost of work since you don't wind up burning through cash on workers that have nothing to do.

According to Alex Abossein, Regardless of how huge the project is and how extreme the territory is, a great engineer will have the best answer for help you take care of business as fast and cost-effectively as could be possible. They have committed and experienced individuals on board to take care of business right.

Aspects of Providing Full Consulting Engineering Services

Is it possible that anyone could deny that engineering and the innovation that are being made till date not plays any role in their life? Obviously, this does not matter how far away you live in the jungle or most undeveloped area of the world.

According to Alex Abossein engineering in itself has the very vast scope and future aspect thus one can fulfill all kinds of technical, mechanical, electrical, robotics and many more reforms. That could completely change the manner to tackle and deal different things, objects and other resources that are present around us. But, when it is concerned with the major innovation that has helped people to think and change according to the resources and with this Alex Abossein has turned to provide the futuristic algorithm to transform the ancient techniques and methods.

`Alex Abossein

Whether it’s related to power energy to a building or society or some electronic efforts for security. In every case, Alex has tried to give the dramatic reforms that could change the face of the entire piece of work that is assigned to them. With Alex, this attitude towards business and service that is provided to the clients help him to maintain goodwill with almost every aspect of engineering field construction. Here are some of the field and his latest technologies that have brought greatest productivity to his reforms.

Fire protection/ Smoke Control

Results and researchers have proved that maximum cases of death in a fire is due to choking that is mainly by the smoke. Therefore life safety has been improved in building by introducing various features such as passive and non-passive system, smoke evacuation, smoke compartment and venting many other.

Civil Engineering


According to Alex Abossein, the best kind of civil engineering is that which promotes community building, wise development, and the best possible quality of life. As clients can rely on us to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to their civil engineering problems, therefore, it’s become our foremost priority.

Low Voltage/ Energy

Whenever it’s related to the construction of building, organization or restaurants there is the requirement of energy sources and that too in the different level and intensity. Therefore, the various perspective that is kept in minds such as energy efficiency and a low voltage maintenance to assure security, and assurance of various features provided by contractors.

Bidder Design Assistance

When the engineering services are anticipated to be a part of the contractor’s scope of work and responsibilities. Alex Abossein tries to offer coordination with the owner, architect and other consultants in building design. Advising best M/E/P/F system and provide guidelines for the equal standard to all bidders.

Stair Pressurization for Over 4 Stories of Wood Construction

Historically type VA wood portion of any construction had been limited to the maximum 4 levels of wood. In the past few years, this condition has been changed to +5 stories of wood in Washington State along with a few other states such as Oregon. The trade off for this exception has mainly provisions for additional criteria for automatic sprinkler systems and an addition of pressurization fans to the main egress exit stairs that occupants will have to use to pass through these floors to the outside.

Wood Construction

IBC-909 defines the smoke control fire protection life safety criteria for different buildings and where smoke control is deemed to be required by the local and state jurisdictions. Historically IBC with recommendations from NFPA-92 along with IFC defines the conditions where a building may require provisions for life safety exciting of occupants to the outside (or a safe relocation) through maintaining tenable smoke-free enclosures.

The provisions mainly applicable to these standards are IBC-909.20 (smoke proof stairs) and 909.11 (standby Power). The intent is to keep the stair enclosures in positive (+) pressure in relation to the adjacent floors in order to avoid smoke migration. IBC-909 defines many aspects of a sound smoke control system such as pressure rating Max/Min ranges along with maximum pound force door knob limitations to allow occupants to open the doors safely including accessibility provisions.

Some of the main references that will assist in designing a sound smoke control system along with having a qualified fire protection engineer (FPE) designer are: IBC (International Building Code), NFPA-5000 (Building construction and Safety Code), NFPA-92 (Standard for smoke control systems), A guide to smoke control in the 2006 (or latest) IBC and Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering-AHRAE 2012 along with several other useful related design guidelines.

It is good to note that smoke control systems are highly recommended and have shown to be effective in saving lives especially in those about +/-10% cases where sprinklers have been reported to fail but at least the building happened to have a smoke control system. However, since a number of combustible materials used by the tenants are not monitored, there may be situations where two separate neighboring 5 story buildings, one with 5 levels of wood and pressurization and the other with 4 levels of wood having more combustibles but without pressurization posing higher risks. It is probably safe to assume that adding stair pressurization in exchange for taking advantage of the wood products for an extra story of wood is a step toward better life safety under the circumstances.

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